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Always the perfect atmosphere. At Hardmonds Engineering we pride ourselves in providing the perfect environments by supplying, installing and maintaining air conditioning and refrigeration systems for various facilities and buildings. Our 18 years in operation has seen us grow into an organization recognized for supplying reputable brands and providing world class services to complement our product portfolio. This has seen us grow in influence in the mining, industrial, retail, financial, household and even car industry among a plethora of other sectors.

Completion of major projects may however need unique system designs. These we also provide in congruence with other parties on any construction project in order to bring out the optimal performance of our system with no hindrance on any other critical area that may be related to the full completion of that project. This is also highlighted in our health and Safety policy which we strongly adhere to as a way of avoiding double standards in service delivery and guaranteeing customer safety.

We however do not stop at just refrigeration and air conditioning. To make ourselves a full package we also supply spares for our products and we also have a hardware section to ensure we are catering for all our clients effectively.

Our worth is also exhibited by our staff which has a vast amount of years in experience for their respective areas of expertise.

To blemish any doubt of our execution prowess you may need to consider our keen interest in customer satisfaction. How? Flexible payment terms, 24 hour turn around delivery time, warranties for all products, delivery and installation, rapid response of technical support and free after sales services. All this in order to maintain a breath of relief for all our customers.

So when its warm, hot or cool we can still help you pleasantly adjust your surroundings and breathe a breath of fresh air. Only at Hardmonds!

At Hardmonds Engineering, we can help you with all types of air-conditioning installations, repairs and maintenance requirements. We service both commercial and residential units. Whether you require your air-conditioner for heating or cooling, you can always count on us to assist. We also offer you a variety of different options and brands should you require us to supply you with the units.

Sometimes clients approach us with slightly more complex issues like unbalanced air distribution in a large room or communal system and we have redesign or redistribute components after inspection and calculation. Whatever your requirement is, give us, fill in our contact form or send us an email and we will gladly assist.

Design Build – We do:

  • Complete HVAC Design-Build Capabilities
  • Professional Engineering Services
  • Exceptional Service from Concept to Completion

Why Choose Us for your Design Build Project

Since we first opened our doors in the year 2000 we have been partnering with our customers in all regions to help them increase the return on investment in their buildings. Our belief in the importance of focusing on life-cycle costs of the air conditioning systems allows us to provide value throughout the design – build – service – operations continuum

In many instances over the past 18 years we have installed the HVAC system, have serviced it over its life, and replaced it when it reached the end of its useful life. We expect to live with the quality of our design and workmanship and to stand behind it, over the entire life of the system.

As a full service mechanical engineering design contractor, Hardmonds Engineering is capable of handling all of your HVAC design needs. Working from an initial drafting board drawing or a general set of building specifications, our designers and engineers can create a detailed set of HVAC or process plans ready for implementation at the construction site. We use the latest HVAC design software to work efficiently with all members of the build team, including architects, and general contractors.

Benefits of Good Design

Because HVAC systems account for 40% to 60% of the energy used in commercial buildings, expert design work is critical. Many issues that surface after a job is completed are related to inferior design work, including user discomfort, poor indoor air quality and improper ventilation. At Hardmonds Engineering, with our 18 years of onsite experience, we address each of these issues early in the design phase of the project. Our goal is to design a system that works within your budget and is the most energy efficient, without sacrificing any user comfort or air quality.

Our experience in HVAC system design and construction has led to a long list of satisfied customers. Many report significant reductions in operating costs and maintenance and noticeable improvements in air quality and system reliability.

Hardmonds Engineering P/L has been servicing the needs of the most Zimbabwean Companies, Mines, Universities/Colleges/Schools and individuals since year 2000.

At Hardmonds Engineering, we are proud of the reputation we have gained over the years as a quality service provider. Our staff has more than 50 years combined experience in the industry and with an in house team of qualified Engineers and technicians; we are able to offer a level of service that is second to none.

Whatever your requirement is, give us, lets chat on our online platform or send us an email and we will gladly assist.

Our Vision

Ensure value to every customer through quality craftsmanship and lasting solutions delivered by skilled professionals.

Our Mission

"To help customers increase the return on their building investment."

We assist them in managing the full life-cycle cost of their air conditioning systems through efficient design, effective construction, dependable service and quality craftsmanship delivered by skilled professionals.

Our customers are building owners, tenants, property managers, general contractors and our fellow employees.

Clearly understand our customers’ needs and provide them with information and recommendations that allow them to make informed decisions. We solve our customers’ indoor climate problems, whether it is by creatively engineering designs and installations, retrofitting existing installations or troubleshooting.

Continually strive to reduce our customers’ cost of installation and service through more efficient construction, proper maintenance and innovative and creative solutions.

Quality in everything we do, exemplified by our people, equipment, trucks, tools, paperwork, and overall work environment.

Long-term perspective about the solutions we recommend and about our business. We expect to grow in a planned and thoughtful manner, with great customers and without debt.

Our people and our company are solid, down to earth and professional. We will check our egos at the door and always think about what is in our customer’s best interest.

We don’t know everything so we will constantly strive to learn, seek the expert advice of others and acquire new knowledge and skills.

We expect to make a reasonable profit which will allow us to continually invest in the development and growth of our people and our company.

Our Core Values

At Hardmonds Engineering we believe in:

  • Exceeding customer expectations at every level
  • Doing it right, first and fast
  • Anticipating our customers’ needs and resolving them. Look for “root causes” and sustainable solutions
  • Communicating clearly, precisely and frequently with our customers and among our team
  • Personal and corporate integrity and honesty
  • We expect to be forthright and candid with ourselves, our employees and our customers
  • We will not shy away from the truth or the facts in all matters, personal or professional
  • Never compromise honesty for expediency, even if it hurts us or the Company
  • We are willing to do the right thing, even if it hurts


Eager and enthusiastic embrace of continuous change. We are proud of ourselves, our work, our Company and for what we stand, collectively. Every customer is our best customer.

Strong technical knowledge at all levels of our organization

Can do and will do attitude

Always courteous and understanding


We will price fairly to make a reasonable profit – our focus is on always delivering value

We will never take advantage of our customers’ lack of knowledge or vulnerability

We always follow the Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have done unto you

Teamwork between and among our staff and customers

Collaborative and collegial cooperation with our customers and among ourselves

Focus on we not me

Make it “win-win”

Always look for ways to help our team members whether it’s learning new skills or just lifting a load

Continuous learning

Constantly seek out new and better ways to do things.

Keep up-to-date on new technologies, changes in the industry and the changing needs of our customers.

Every problem is a learning opportunity.

Why Us?

Our belief in the importance of focusing on life-cycle costs of the air conditioning systems allows us to provide value throughout the design – build – service – operations continuum

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